N Scale V cars



Between 1897 and 1900 various Butty Gangs built for the Victorian Railways at the Newport workshops 50ft 2” passenger carriages which would be later known as the V cars. They would serve the railways well into the 1960s even though they were supplanted by the more modern ‘W’ and ‘E’ cars just over a decade later after being built. During the 1960s scrapings commenced even though they were used frequently on Vintage Train Specials throughout the state. 

Part no 1051-AV : 1051-BV :  1051-ABL 

This highly detailed laser cut kit can be put together by modellers with basic and above skill levels. It comes with detailed instructions, history notes, laser cut parts,  authentic decals. Also included is a special mask to make painting the windows simple and easy and the correct 3D printed bogies to make the model look truly life like. Micro-trains, Tangent Scale Models or Fox Valley wheels supplied

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