Victorian Railways
N Scale wooden QR wagon


The QR’s were some of the first bogie wagons on the VR system. Construction started in 1890 and continued up until 1930. This kit is based on the 3-door version which covers the number range 1-376 and 407.

Originally, they were equipped with spindly bar frames that were eventually changed over to the more familiar later series bar frames. Others had plate frame bogies as well as the normal roller bearing that was available. Being a go-anywhere wagon they could be seen over the entire VR system until their usefulness dwindled in later years but found a new lease of life as works trains conveying sleepers and gravel. Towards the end of their life, they received the four-letter coding VOWA but not the many received the check digit. With the 1980s upon the railways and wholesale scrapping of older wagons, the class met that same fate as many other older and obsolete wagons the Victorian Railways deemed of no use. 


Part no 1049:  The kit comes with brief history notes, Laser cut wooden parts, laser-cut card parts, brass weight and decals. Bogies and couplers are additional items that are required.

Available as a pack of 2

Photo courtesy of Mark Bau's website

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