Laser FAQ

Each type of material has its own characteristics. MDF can be cut to a maximum of 9mm, styrene cannot be cut to this depth successfully in one pass because of the heat generated causes it to melt excessively. You can do multiple passes of the laser over some materials to get a reasonable product. This increases the time the laser is active and thus increases overall costs. Please contact me if in doubt.

You can supply your own material but is usually more cost effective to use the stock I have. Also MDF, plywood and some glued together composite materials only laser well if they are freshly made. Bunning's turns over its wood stock more frequently than some sources so you would normally be guaranteed fresh supplies. I have a good range of MDF, Plywood, Micro Plywood, Styrene, Balsa, Acrylic, Polyethylene and cardstocks. Any material not normally cut or etched by me will require testing and there is a small fee to ascertain the best settings for Lasering.

Some materials cannot be lasered for a number of reasons. PVC produces Hydrochloric gas when cut, which damages the laser. Materials similar to this wont be used. Also ones that produce dangerous chemical gases when cut. Please be aware that you should not send material to me for lasering until I have approved it or have tested a sample.

You can order as little as 1 item to 100's

Some form of artwork is needed whether you supply it or I draw it the laser needs it to produce your items

Typically you should allow 2-3 weeks from receipt and acknowledgement of your order as this is a hobby I do during my spare time. Things that slow down the process are hot weather, family and work commitments, unavailability of materials, waiting on external suppliers of specialist supplies. Other things that can slow the process down are ambiguous drawings, other research and drawings required, other orders ahead of you. The are many factors that are sometimes beyond my control but I will keep in contact with you via email or phone.

Whilst every care is taken packing and posting your order I am not responsible for the work once it leaves my care as I have no control over the vagaries of the Postal System. As a result of past problems all mail will be sent registered post as it gives both you and I a better chance that it will arrive safely. Orders over $100.00 should be insured as well.

Personal pickup can be arranged if the items are large or for a visit.

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