N Scale BE



At last an authentic N scale Victorian Railways / South Australian Railways Passenger car kit. The 71ft first class 'BE' car. Don't settle for American passenger car repaints when a scale model of the mainstay of the Victorian Railways fleet for 80 years is available. Kit no 1024

Bogies required - Micro-trains 1018 bogies.

This kit also comes with interior partitions at no extra cost

Completed model

This highly detailed laser cut kit can be put together by modellers with basic and above skill levels. It comes with detailed instructions, history notes, metal castings, laser cut styrene, micro 0.4mm & 0.8mm 3-ply components, MDF floor, 1.5mm plywood laser cut frames and crisp authentic decals. Also included is a special mask to make painting the windows simple and easy.

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