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Victorian Railways 30ft Goods shed and platform kits


 A beautiful kit that is easy to build even for the newcomer to the hobby.  This iconic structure was seen all over the VR system and some examples
 are still standing today in 2010 - 100 years after they were built.  Also available is the companion platform kit.

Typical Victorian Railways 30 ft goods shed. Photo courtesy Phil Jeffery
Part no. SD003 Victorian Railways 30ft Goods Shed seen throughout the entire system.
Laser cut-etched kit
RRP (GST Incl) $30.00  More photos

Typical Victorian Railways 30ft goods shed and Gangers Permanent way shed used on a AusTrak modules 'Rosella' by Chris P. 
This simple kit part no. SD011 complements the 30ft Goods Shed SD003.  It is designed so that when its is assembled 
the railside is at the correct height when Peco track is laid on a 3mm cork roadbed.  Kit includes detailed instructions with photos of assembly.
Laser cut-etched kit
RRP (GST Incl) $25.00