N Scale - Victorian Railways 'VQLX' Container Flat Wagon

Kit no 1033

 Single kit pack $33.00 (3 types to choose from) and 1033-3pk (1 of each type) $90.00

Kits can also be supplied with Micro-Trains Roller Bearing bogies and 1015 assembled couplers.

Between late 1980ís and early 1990ís the Victorian Railways - (V/line) commenced a program to expand their container wagons as quickly as possible.  The easiest solution was to cut the decks and any above structure off 134 wagons on the following classes VFLX, VFLY, VFNX, VFPX, VQEX, VQEY, VFTX, VFTF and VFMX.  The skeletalization produced some interesting arrangements in the deck openings.  There were 3 main pattern types with some being more common than others.  After removal of the decks, container anchors were added for three 20ft containers.  The wagons be seen on various trains both locally and interstate.  Current colour schemes include VR - V/line red and FA/FV green. I have not come across any in PacNat Blue as yet.

Above: Deck type 1 -------- Below: Deck Type 2

Below: Deck Type 3 Top, Deck 1 Middle and bottom deck type 2