VLX/VLCX dress up kit for Fybren Models/Union Mills Kit

$3.50 each or 3 for $10.00


Over the years a number of  modellers have bought these kits. Some have been assembled and others still waiting to be built.
I didn't practically like my ones anymore as they were running around and looked to high against my more recent items I had built.
Also I didn't relish that fact that having to scrape all the inside down to accommodate various floor ideas that people had or done or suggested, it just left me cold as I didn't have the much time available.
So I set about creating a simple to assemble / slot in replacement floor that allowed the van to sit prototypically lower and could be done by a novice easily as the previously ways were way too hard and cumbersome.

Pictures of the kit below minus the weights which is two 5/16 nuts which you supply. Only available from Spirit Design not available anywhere else sorry!

The whole unit slides neatly up into a completed body shell as a friction fit.

Notice the difference in ride/overall height even when using 36" Fox Valley Wheels against 33" Micro Trains wheels