N Scale VR circa 1898 small signal box

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Part no. SD032 Price $40.00


Darren F. has completed one of the eariler prototypes for his layout.

The Victorian Railways built many signal boxes around the state and they have basically the same few designs but were altered to suit the location. E.g. Seymour’s signal box is 1 ½ kits joined together, it’s just a variation on a theme. As the system expanded railyards grew with the extra traffic and new and bigger designs of signal boxes started appearing utilizing hipped roofs. If more levers were needed the signal box was extended over time to accommodate them. Frankston is a good example of an extended hipped roof signal box. There are so many variations that within the groups; some low to the ground versions whilst others were very tall to gain clear views of their large yards like Ararat’s box.