Victorian Railways 'SFX / VFLX' Container Flat Wagon

Kit no 1036

 2 pack composite brass and laser cut timber kit $65.00 

Kits can also be supplied with Micro-Trains Roller Bearing bogies and 1015 assembled couplers.

With Bogies - $80.00 and with bogies and couplers $88.00

Also available 36" spoked wheels. 12 pack $12.00

Between 1967-1970 the SFX wagons were built in two distinctive groups, 1-25 and 26-120 of which Newport workshops produced 1-50 and Ballart North engineered the rest, numbers 51-120.  When built they had bulkheads and removable side stanchions as well as the first 25 had lashing rails the length of the wagon and wooden decks, units 26-150 had all steel decks.  Designed as a general all-purpose flat wagon they would be seen all over the system with various loadings such as flat steel pipes and poles.  Many different types of machinery loadings were also common because of the many lashing points and pockets they had built into their decks  With the increase in containerization around the late 1970ís many were fitted with container anchors and had the bulkheads removed.  They had a loading capacity of 49 tons.  Throughout their lives they have been made into various niche groups as needed by the railways.  SFF plywood traffic, FPX Panel board traffic for SA, OGF LPG gas traffic  With the conversion to 4-letter coding the class carried the following: VFLX, VFLY. VFLF, VFMX identities and when skeletonised they received the coding VQLX.  See Spirit Design Kit No. 1035 (3 versions) for this wagon.  Note this kit is cheaper per wagon because I etched the holes for the shunters steps on the wrong side of the sill.  This is easily fixed by drilling two new ones.

Above completed kit as an SFX by Darren F. with a load of rail.
Above completed unit as an VFLX flat wagon.

Above: easily assembled components makes into a nice kit