Victorian Railways T class T320-T346  brass diesel kit
N Scale Kit no: SDLoco2 $125.00

A very limited run has been done for scratch builders and serious modellers

Requires Atlas VO1000 for mechanism. 


The T class was the largest diesel class on the Victorian Railways and were built by Clyde’s Granville workshops over a 13-year period from 1955-1968.  As a consequence there are 5 versions but the group is commonly called by the 3 versions of “Flat Top”, “High Nose” and “Low Nose”.  This kit is based on version 'Flat Top'.

This kit is not for your average builder and requires dedication but you will get a fantastic result from the effort you put in.  If you have put together a Y class kit this one is even easier.

The kit includes the brass etch, detailed items including state of art 3D printed parts, cast bogie side frames with sand boxes, laser cut components, laser cut cab glazing, all 45 class number boards, a selection of 10 class brass number boards, marker light boards and colour matched VR chevrons decals.  10 pages of instructions with photos will help guide the builder through the various steps along the way.  Also to aid the builder all kits come with long hood pre-formed to shape and the nose tac soldered into place

Model shown below is the pilot models without any 3D printed parts

3D printed exhaust/plate, head lights and marker lights with holes for fibre optics