Victorian Railways 'S' Riveted Flat Wagon

Kit no 1037  $25.00


Kits can also be supplied with Micro-Trains Roller Bearing, Arch Bar bogies and 1015 assembled couplers.

With Bogies - $32.00 and with bogies and couplers $37.00

Also available 36" spoked wheels. 12 pack $12.00

The first two flat wagons were imported from the American Car and Foundry Company in the U.S.A. and were assembled at Newport Workshops and satisfied the Railways needs until the out break of War World II.  With the urgent need for wartime supplies to be shipped around the system, 99 E wagons were stripped to their floors to become the new S wagons retaining their original E numberings.  The kit is based on these units.  From 1946 a number were sold to Oil companies or utilised for carrying petroleum-based products after tanks were fitted.  With a change in needs by the railways a large number were rebuilt back into E wagons between 1947-1949.  1959 saw S59 converted to QC traffic and in 1962-63 S26 & S60 were modified for cable drum transportation.  By the late 1970s only six wagons remained in revenue service, numbers 1, 2, 50, 77, 108 and 115.  S1 and S115 were the only ones of the group to receive container brackets.  From 1979 the wagons were to receive the four letter code of VFDA, however 1 only, number 115 received this coding, the others retained the original codes before being scrapped by the early 1980s.  Up until being scrapped the wagons were running both Arch bar and plain bearing bogies.  This kit is also ideal for anyone wishing to convert it to a TWF tank wagon.
Above completed 'S' wagon.