N Scale VR 250ft Platform



Photos courtesy Scott Gould

This kit is based on plan F353E June1953 that is a typical country platform using timber uprights and precast concrete as the retaining wall.  It comes with one 250ft scale length of platform facing and two side wing walls. This platform style is still in use 50 years on around the Victorian Railways system and would suit anyone modelling the modern era as well.  Most were earthen filled from behind the station and this is left up to the modeller to decide upon whether another backing piece is needed or a gentle modelled slope blending into the surrounding scenery.

Also available as a 3 peice unit for ease of postage. You just provide a few small timber bits to glue behind the face of the platform to achieve the same length.  Saves heaps on postage this way as you dont need a separate mailing tube.

Part no. SD010  Price $20.00

Completed kit prior to staining / painting and adding in earthen fill behind the face.