Replacement Easy Pass Car Roof

Kit no Passroof W $4.50 each 
Kit no Passroof E $5.00 each


Roofs available for both 'E'  & 'W' pass cars.

I am very pleased to announce that all my current carriage range will now feature a new version of the roof. It will go from being 7 pieces to just 1 piece and will no longer require forming the wet ply over the internal formers. This will save the modeller anywhere from 4-24 hours in the building process. The added bonus is it will allow you to include internal details like seats and partitions if desired, as all the internal formers are no longer needed. It will also be available as an optional item for previous kits.

Below the single piece roof section with the clerestory attached and waiting the styrene clerestory cover.
Above 'AW' roof shown.