N Scale passenger kits - The Aircon series

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Kits feature: Laser cut 0.4 & 0.8mm Microply, decals, detailed instructions, special paint masks, castings and various items to aid construction.
  71 ft Air-conditioned AE/BE/BES/BG series
4 different panel versions covering the 'AE' 'BE' and BG
Kit 1: 52AE (First & Economy) 51AE/BE (First) 12AE (First)

Kit 2: Matchstick lower panels 4BE, 31BE & 34BE (Economy) 51AE/BE (First)

Kit 3: 50BE & 50BES (Economy) 50AE (First)

Kit 4: 1BG (Economy)

Please email your interest as this is a strictly limited run.

Bogies extra