Laser Cut Number plates.

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Do you have a favourite steam or diesel numberplate that you would like to own but cant spend thousands on the real thing?  Then a laser cut replica is the answer.  Just like the real thing but lightweight so you can hang it on the wall at home.

Also smaller 1/2 size or small desk sets can be produced as well.

Only limited by your imagination.

A range of Laser cut numberplates for models and full size replicas are available.  
They can be used on bookends or just have your favourite plate reproduced at a smaller scale. The backs of the newport plates are not recessed out but do have the usual borders.

The A1 is a full size steam plate. The others are small replicas.  They can be cut in MDF, acrylic and plywood. 
Pricing is dependent on drawing time, research for a particular plate and spacings, plus assembly required.  Larger plates are cut in MDF and just require you to paint them and age them if so desired.

As each plate is different and requires some research please email for pricing details

The real R761 left and the 2-part fully assembled R761 replica for your wall 

        Finished D3 Front buffer  plate.

A commissioned plate of scrapped diesel S316.  Owing to the large size versus the laser bed the unit is made in 2 halves and then joined and the outer frame routed to shape.
  The zig zag line behind the 3 strengthens where the boards were joined thus enabling a larger plate to be cut than the laser could do in one go.