Need a third hand assembling your models? 
You need a 'ModelMate' only $49.00 
Part no. MMNS

This handy little workbench item will save hours of frustration when assembling models.

Great for model railroaders, ship builders, war gamers, plane modellers, car modellers, art and craft people and just about anyone that uses glues or paints in their hobbies. 
 Using state of the art Laser cutting and etching techniques that ensure accuracy this unit is a pleasure to use.

Available in both basic and deluxe forms the Modelmate will pay for itself in no time.

Each unit is marked with scale feet, metres, full size inches and millimetres and a grid pattern to 1 scale foot in each of the scales except the N scale unit which has its grid pattern set at 10mm.

Available soon in the following scales: N scale 1/160, HO scale 3.5mm, HO scale 4mm, O scale 1/48, O scale 7mm

Some of the optional accessories for the 'Modelmate' include squares with scales and ability to anchor to the face of the 'Modelmate'. Extra fingers and extension bars in both acrylic and MDF 3mm and 6mm thick.


Clamping fingers with alignment holes allow for multiple stacking of fingers with ease. One set is notched to allow you to get into tight corners with your glue brush.
Special shaped clamping fingers can be cut to your requirements.
Also available as optional extras will be larger clamping fingers in MDF and clear acrylic.

Assembling a 'BottleMate' on the 'ModelMate'

Brass N scale IY wagon clamped and soldered using the 'ModelMate'