Victorian Railways MM MF / VSBY Cattle wagon Kit no 1035


By popular demand I have released the bogie version of the M cattle wagon the MM MF / VSBY.  This highly detailed laser cut kit can be put together by modellers with basic and above skill levels.  The kit comes with detailed instructions, history notes,  laser cut styrene and micro 0.8mm 3-ply components, 1.5mm plywood floor and crisp authentic laser printed paper decals.   Kits require bogies and couplers to complete.

Kits come as either 2 pack $ 40.00 or bulk 5 pack $90.00

Kits can also be supplied with Micro-Trains Bettendorf bogies and 1015 assembled couplers

2 pack MM-MF with bogies and couplers $62.00

5 pack MM-MF with bogies and couplers $140.00

Same price above if you wish for arch bar bogies instead of Bettendorf

In 1928 the Victorian Railways introduced a bogie version of their M van coded MM which was built at the Newport Railway Workshops.  25 wagons were completed and these initially featured lightweight bar frame bogies, auto couplers and buffers.  Transition chains were later fitted for compatibility with other wagons of the time.  Each wagon could carry 18 beasts with a central wall separating each half of the wagon and could carry a load of 30 tons.  Between 1965-1975, as the wagons were due for repairs, they were upgraded to roller bearings and had their speed increased to 65mph.  This necessitated a new coding, MF, the F was for fast freight.  The MF coding lasted until the 1979 recoding to VSBY.  However not all units received this numbering as some had already been scrapped.  Vehicles recoded were 2-5, 10, 15, 20-22 and 25.  By the mid 1980ís all wagons had been removed from the register and were scrapped.

MF9 after unloading.  Photo courtesy of Rob O'Reagan
MF6 completed model.
Completed VSBY kit.