Victorian Railways L sheep wagon 5 pack - Kit no. 1014

$100 without underframes or $150 with 5 underframes


Probably one of the hardest wagons to scratch build in N scale up till now which is why you dont see them on any layouts, till now.  Using the latest laser techniques and composite sandwich construction these Iconic wagons can be built for your layout with the minimum amount of tools. Also includes paper numberboards, paper printed sheep and detailed instructions.  The kit needs 5 underframes utilising Aust-N-Rail's GY underframe or similar available separately.

The only known hand built wagon took 100 hours to build whereas with this kit you can build one in a few hours and yes all the bars are there!

Construction started in 1896 and continued until 1953 by then 1405 wagons had been produced to two designs.  The more numerous design with the gable roof nos 1-1252 is subject of this kit.  The second design featured and curved roof similar to the M van cattle wagons.  The wagons were mainly used to carry sheep but were also used for carrying pigs when needed across the Victorian Railways system until livestock trains ceased in October 1986.

Photo courtesy of Mel Skinner