Custom Laser Service Price Guide.
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As a general guide:

All laser work requires drawings either supplied by the customer or drawn by myself, which incurs a fee listed below.  You can save money by providing proper vector based drawings, which are readable by Corel X3 (versions 9-13).

Some other makers CAD drawings can be imported in with minimal problems. Formats that usually come across fine are: .cdr, .cmx, .eps, .ai, .pdf, .dxf. .dwg, and wmf.  Extra researching of the prototype, tests on new materials or interpreting ambiguous drawings will incur costs. Only Windows PC files can be accepted for all others please allow for testing.

Maximum drawing size is 600mm x 300mm.

The laser work you require consists of a number of charges. Some of which you can offset by doing your own research, drawings or supply of non-stocked items. The minimum charge is $40.00 including GST.

Any questions on file formats or times please contact me. 

Laser cutting/etching time (dependant on material thickness and characteristics when cutting or engraving) and different material changeover times.

$2 per minute
Setup charge per new job (includes hour drawing/research allowance) $25 per hour

Material costs (plastic, plywood, acrylic, styrene, MDF, paper etc) 


GST Government charge 

Handling fee (to pick many small items out of the laser bed, not normally charged)
However if you supply a material I haven't tried lasering and it requires testing to find its laser values then the handling fee is charged.
$1 to $5

Research and drawing required for lasering

$44 per hour

Postage plus Registered Post at buyers expense.

$Aust Post Charges

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