Victorian Railways 3 pot Cement Wagon - JX - VPCX
VR Kit no 10
15-3pk  $125.00 (per set of 3 units) - 5pk (5 units) $200.00
Kit no 1038-3pk  $125.00 (per set of 3 units) - 5pk (5 units) $200.00
Freight Victoria, Freight Australia to follow, then PACNAT


Kits can also be supplied with Micro-Trains Roller Bearing Bogies and a choice of wheel types
 including Fox Valley 36" and Badger Bits 36" spoked wheels.
  Couplers extra.

The JX were constructed to carry bulk cement around the system and being so successful eventually their numbers would swell to 158.  Construction periods were from 1963-1971 and 1976-1977.  Eventually these wagons were utilised in others states as well as used in the construction of the new Parliament house in Canberra where they ran as block trains of either 15 or 30 wagon trains.  The last 50 were built as VPCX’s.  Loading was through the top hatches and compressed air was used to help discharge them at destination depots dotted around the countryside.  Originally constructed with 3 separate outlet pipes these were later modified as single pipe discharge units in the mid 1970’s.  Ratchet style handbrakes on the first 45 units were later modified so that the entire fleet had the miners hand wheel unit fitted.  As there are a large number constructed there is a small variation on the hatch covers that are applied to the group.  When first issued to traffic they carried the familiar VR wagon red with the large ‘VR’ logo in white.  Later under the V/Line era the VR was replaced with V/line and when painted grey the new logo ‘V/line Freight’ adorned their sides after overhauls although not all wagons received this treatment.  During the course of repaints some units received the smaller ‘VR’ logo.  Originally all units carried the JX coding that was superseded with the National wagon-coding registry of VPCX progressively from 1979 onwards. Later this was replaced with VPAX on some units.   V/Line photo courtesy of Peter Vincent.

The wagon prior to painting.
A weathered wagon by Darren F.