Victorian Railways
N Scale HD-U van


During 1895-97 Newport Workshops and a number of contractors built 167 wooden ventilated box vans featuring louvered bodies. Originally intended for perishable traffic they carried the number range U113 – 280 excluding no 278.  By the 1950’s the high cost of maintenance on the wooden structure would see their number fall as a number of underframes went into the new P van explosive wagons being constructed in 1958-59. Around this time the remaining 42 Robinson Pattern ‘U’ vans were recoded HD for departmental use only and lasted well into the 1970’s with the last being condemned in 1980
Photo courtesy Peter Vincent


Part no. 1042:  The kit comes with brief history notes, body casting, 3D printed VR underframe, icro-trains, Tangent Scale Models or Fox Valley wheels, decals, reference photos and instructions. $30.00 

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