N Scale

SD028 - Victorian Railways 3 stall Engine shed / roundhouse


 The roundhouse kit features removal roof N scale corrugated iron roof, VR trusses, concrete or brick floors, steel crew lockers, vented roof, 2 ways of positioning the windows (fixed or leaning), detachable store house, detachable sand house, extra floor to raise the footprint for taller locos or built up track. Can be expand to 6, 9 etc. stalls plus the buyers of 2 or more kits get the extra trusses to continue their roof build. Provision has been made for lighting in the roof space as well. Basic history notes and paint advice are given. 1st Kit price 1st $90.00 2nd units costs $80.00 & 3rd unit costs $75

The Victorian Railways at larger depots use to house their locos in locomotive roundhouses, which consisted of 3 distinct types.  The straight through road unit (Cohuna, Wodonga, Portland etc), which could house 1 or 2 locos, the large and massive structures that allowed entrances from multiple points like the famous North Melbourne, Ballarat East and Benalla, Maryborough depots.  The third design was a radial unit which were common around the state.  Good examples were Mildura, Traralgon, Warrnambool, Korong Vale and Cressy to name a few.  Some were built using masonry as the main structure but still to the radial design.  Seymour is a good example of such a structure.  The kit is indicative of how the sheds were in the 1960ís after having the smoke troughs that use to poke through the roof removed and then roofed over

This simple kit part no. SD011 complements the 30ft Goods Shed SD003.  It is designed so that when its is assembled 
the railside is at the correct height when Peco track is laid on a 3mm cork roadbed.  Kit includes detailed instructions with photos of assembly.
Laser cut-etched kit
RRP (GST Incl) $25.00