N scale VR brake hand wheels for wagons and carriages. - Part no. BE1002
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Please be careful as the etch may contain sharp corners or sprues.

It is advised to read the directions first before proceeding to avoid waste and damaged components. The basic diagrams and photos are supplied as a guide. You can use these detail items on virtually all wagons in the Victorian Railways - V/Line fleets. Refer to photographs or plans for each wagon you are modelling. Some interstate wagons also use these hand wheels, please check your photographs or plans for more details.

To remove an item. First place the sheet on a piece of masonite or a self healing mat and with a sharp hobby knife gently press down through the sprue thus releasing the item from the sprue. Clean up any sharp edges with a file or wet and dry sandpaper.

Soldering. For good reliable joints each piece should be cleaned to remove any oxides by using a fine wet and dry paper, track rubber, de-tarning solution or by using Carr's Red label flux paste over the joint. With a small wattage iron, solder should be applied sparingly to the joint and allowed to cool before handling and cleaning prior to fitting and painting.

Gluing. The hand wheels may be glued to your model with Superglue or similar glues rather than soldering.

Group 1 (Large 8 spoke hand wheel). Found in use throughout the following classes.

Group 2. (5 spoke hand wheel). GH, HD, HZL, QF, OD, Q, RY, GY, T, OIL TANKS, OT, U, UB, KC, KMQ, QC, VHWA, VOWA. Passenger cars: BE, AE, BW, BES, AW. 

Group3. (Small 4 spoke hand wheel). VZMA, VHNA, RY, U, ON, TP. 

Note: Not every wagon in the classes above were fitted with these hand wheels. Some have the throw down lever brakes, racket brake or spider wheel brakes. Other classes not listed could also have had the above hand wheel brakes. Only photographs or plans will show you.

Group 1.  Typical large brake wheel used on a variety of wagons, this one is on a VPAX - VPCX cement wagon.

Group 2. 5 spoke hand wheel on AE24 first class passenger car.

Group 3: 4 spoke hand wheel type. VHWA 122-Y taken on 28/04/1998 at Tottenham yards.

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