N scale VR shunter steps & wagon stirrup steps. 

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 RRP $20.00
The kit consists of 40 stirrup steps and 20 shunters steps enough for 10 wagons minimum.

Stirrup steps: consist of 2 different groups. A slightly longer version which allows you to drill holes into your underframe but leave enough of the stirrup step showing. Or using the slightly smaller version that has the fatter glue bar for adhering to the underside of the wagon.

Shunter steps: The shunter steps have 3 tabs (very topmost half etched through tab only) which are removed to free each unit from the etch. Near the top of the shunter step there is a small 1mm piece which is folded back at 90 degrees and soldered. This will allow you to glue or solder the steps to your wagon after corresponding holes have been drilled. If you don't need this securing feature and are just flush gluing or soldering you may remove this tab also.

Both versions of the stirrup steps.  25" and 21" on VZOX (ELX) class wagons.

End view of a VOBX (ELX) class open wagon showing position of shunter step and grab rails.

Standard VR shunter step with mesh bottom and a 21" stirrup step.  Taken at Dandenong February 1998.

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