Changes to kit manufacturing going forward


The face of Victorian N scale has changed over the last few years and I have seen a definite shift in spending patterns and as a result, I will be issuing kits in much smaller numbers (30 or less) and will only do reruns if viable within 2 years of the initial release.  I have also started modelling in 3D to allow a greater range of items to be covered.

Most kits are produced in batches as time permits after my normal day job during my meagre spare hobby time and there are a number of reasons why kits arenít being produced in great numbers anymore.  Some of the reasons are below:

Parts required are no longer available from other manufacturers

Processors or materials required are no longer obtainable or are too expensive

Modellers shying away from building kits and are wanting RTR

Slow moving stock suggests new sales growth for a particular kit will be zero

Modellers think that you can carry almost 20 years of models I have produced all the time!

I can always get that later on

As with most cottage manufacturers, our products are usually only around as long as one has the desire to keep producing and as my life changes I am now seeking other pursuits, which may better, utilize my time.

Therefore, if you need something donít put it off as it may not be available again for the above-mentioned reasons.  As an aid to modellers I will upload the pricelist containg stock on hand levels each month.

Note stock levels vary as items are sold or if I manufacturer more items of that part