Part no BM01
Tired of spilling glue or paint over a model or workbench?
Has this happened to you? 
You need a 'BottleMate' only $18.00
This handy little workbench item can save all those embarrassing spills that cause havoc on your workbench not to mention the lost time if you ruin a model.

Great for model railroaders, ship builders, war gamers, plane modellers, car modellers, art and craft people and just about anyone that uses glues or paints in their hobbies.

Each unit comes with 4 interchangeable tops for different size bottles, which makes it a snap to change over to another size bottle. Every interchangeable lid has 4 different hole sizes for storage of brushes from round to triangular.  Laser cut to ensure accuracy and fit with the sides and various lids, is just one of the hallmark features of this versatile model bench tool.

Spare lids of various sizes (square and round bottle shapes) are available as well as custom cut lids.

'Bottlemate' is also available in MDF for the modeller or arty person that wants to add their own colour scheme to the finished unit.

Use a brightly coloured lid for extra safety

The kit comes with 4 sides, 1 bottom and 4 interchangeable lids. The sides and bottom are glued together to form a box.

One of the optional tops to take square bottles like Carrs soldering flux.

Easily takes Floquil bottles

An MDF unit looking from above showing the 4 special brush holders in each interchangeable lid.

Unit showing triangular brush in storage and Steam Era paint.